Finding a voice among strangers

For quite some time, I’ve wanted to write a blog to keep track of my childhood memories. I haven’t yet decided why I chose a blog as my medium. One friend suggested I do a v-blog, but I’m not that comfortable in front of the camera. I have also wondered why even share my personal story with the world instead of just recording everything in a diary for my personal reflection. I do tend to keep this blog a secret from friends and personal family, and I feel that will help me find a way to write these short memoirs. To be honest, I have a very difficult time sharing these stories with anyone, even to my closest of friends. Maybe by writing to complete strangers, I will have an outlet to share my voice.

I’m not sure the frequency of when I’m going to publish something. Right now, I can only remember a few things very vividly, so I may only publish a memory once every two weeks. In between that time, however, I will try to post something unrelated to my memories. It might be personal thoughts, opinions, or ideas. I will try at least once a week to update something. Since it is Monday night, I plan to bring something to this blog on a Monday before I sleep.


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